When it comes to mindset or perspective, nothing changes if nothing changes. The persistent issues you face continue to creep up because a change is needed but is being resisted. The mundane issues you face now will eventually evolve into more complex hurdles to overcome if action is not taken in a timely manner. Without a willingness to evolve and grow, you will continue facing frustration and disconnection until you are able and willing to see the issues at hand.

Once you have expanded your mindset, you will notice that opportunities will begin to emerge from those persistent issues that have plagued you for so long. 

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them.”

If you fail to shift and expand your perspective about a problem, it will persist and eventually evolve into a far more complex problem.

To achieve an optimal level of leadership,d become a leader who is willing to take on new challenges. Without personal growth, you will be unable to rise to the challenge and will never experience the business growth you have been striving for. Shifting your perspective will allow you to see the situation with greater clarity, and a concrete plan to evaluate, make decisions, and act.

One of our core missions at Optimus One, LLC is to transform your leadership mindset. If solutions have been elusive, and you have become frustrated with the lack of development in your business, let’s take a few minutes to chat about it. We share the tools you need to build a stronger, more expansive mindset that is conducive to success.

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As a leader, working within your business may help you gain empathy for your team by experiencing daily activities from their perspective. While this empathy is a valuable resource, it is crucial to understand that the most successful companies provide leadership by allowing the heads of the company to focus more on “big picture” activities rather than the daily hustle and bustle.

As they say during airline flights, put on your own oxygen mask first before attempting to help others. Self-care should be prioritized by those in a position of leadership, allowing you the space to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Even leaders are only human and are prone to imperfection. It is imperative to be open to feedback about the effectiveness of your leadership. Feedback allows us the opportunity to reflect and improve to further enhance our contributions to the company.

Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is effective, satisfied, and motivated. Gaining employee engagement will take time and effort on the company’s part but is well worth the investment. Focused and well-executed leadership throughout the entire organization helps employees understand and align with your vision, leading you closer to success.

Employee engagement is a measurable statistic. According to Gallup Research, only 3 out of every 10 employees are actively engaged in their work. The remaining 7 out of 10 employees are disengaged, causing subpar performance at work, less teamwork, and negatively impacts customer service. In severe cases, some employees are even actively disengaged, creating a toxic workplace, and sabotaging the efforts of the 3 in 10 employees who are engaged in their work.

To improve and maintain employee engagement:

  • Establish a baseline of where your employees currently stand
  • Create a clear goal or destination
  • Ensure that your staff is on the same page to avoid challenging the workplace culture
  • Empower your staff through initiatives that align with your vision to elevate motivation

To set a clear goal for your staff, create a company vision that is demonstrated and reinforced by the leaders of the company. The teams in each department within the organization should create mission statements that all parties agree to adhere to. When staff members are included in this process, they are more willing to demonstrate the values of the mission statement that they took part in developing and writing.

True success is found through continuous improvement. Failing to seek out new improvements will put your potential customers right into the hands of your competitors who do prioritize growth and development.

Our mission at Optimus One, LLC is to assist you in transforming the leadership in your organization. We will teach you how to expand your leadership protocols that will bring your company’s vision and mission to life.

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It is understood and accepted that technology and IT services are a required component of just about every business today. Most technology equipment is a commodity, but the downside is that IT services are almost always reacting to obstacles and challenges.

Businesses often find themselves in a vicious circle of what they assume are external, and therefore uncontrollable circumstances. Remaining stuck in this loop of reactivity exponentially increases the odds of ransomware and in some cases complete bankruptcy of your company.

Now is the time to shift your mindset and business practices before changes in the marketplace or the government force you to before you are ready.

While many business owners in this scenario feel trapped with no way out, you do have a choice. Technology is not just a commodity. Think of it like you think of insurance: without a policy, you have no protection. The stronger your policy, the more protection you have.

To achieve cybersecurity (i.e, a well-run business), it is imperative to be proactive, rather than reactive. It is crucial to partner with people who will meet you where you are, help connect the dots, and help you move forward steadily. Businesses that embrace change and improvement will continue to thrive. Those who choose to avoid continuous improvement fall behind and become easy targets for cybercriminals. The choice is yours.

Our mission at Optimus One, LLC is to guide you to the “promised land” that so many other businesses have found. We seek to transform business technology support and management by leading from a place of proactivity.

A Proactive, Well-Run Organization:

  • Uses technology strategically
  • Is profitable
  • Is more technically stable with little, if any, unforeseen challenges
  • Has less stress
  • Provides a positive work environment for leaders and employees
  • Takes time and effort to create and maintain
  • Is cyber-secure
  • Evenly distributes technological expenses over time to manage a baseline budget

If you are feeling discouraged and fatigued by the way your business has viewed and utilized technology, let’s set aside some time to chat. At Optimus One, LLC, we will show you how to get unstuck, find your way out of the technology maze, and transform your mindset from reactive to proactive.

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A Force For Good

As is the case with our take on leadership, mindset and technology, being a force for good focuses on proactive effort . When capitalism is paired with responsibility and ethics, we have an opportunity to transform a business into a force for good.

Successful companies who choose to become a force for good produce value for shareholders AND these stakeholders:

  • The local community
  • Your employees
  • Your suppliers
  • The government
  • The environment
  • Your clients and customers

Being a force for good means taking environmental and social impact into consideration and creating a mission around how the company can create a positive impact on the world through including environmental sterwardship and social conscience into the business model. 

The desire to be a force for good could be ingrained into the core purpose and mission of a company by becoming a Benefit Corporation.

Optimus One, LLC utilizes a proprietary tool called The Three-Dimensional Business Model to help business leaders learn and adapt the process of improving and aligning their purpose to provide value beyond the services or products the business was originally designed to provide.

One of our core missions at Optimus One, LLC is to support businesses of all sized in becoming a valuable asset beyond profit and help them learn how to become a force for good. If this business model interests you, but you are skeptical as to how you can become a force for good while remaining profitable, reach out. We will show you how it’s done.

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