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Embracing Change: The Core Tenets of Self-Improvement

Change and self-improvement are challenging endeavors that require a deep understanding of the principles that drive meaningful transformation. Although change is difficult and often met with resistance, it becomes valuable when our current paradigms and habits no...

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Recovery and New Realizations

May has been a month of profound realization and continued progress on my recovery journey. I am happy to report that my recovery is continuing well. One of the most joyous milestones was being cleared to lift 25 pounds. To celebrate this, I had a heartwarming moment...

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Patience for the Process

As I continue to navigate the subtle and profound shifts in my life following major surgery, I find myself at times caught between moments of deep, introspective stillness and bursts of forward-looking anxiety. This blog post is part of a series where I share insights...

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The Higher Summit: Envisioning Life After Heart Surgery

The condition that led to my father’s death is what I am confronted with now. At 73, my father chose to leave this earth, forgoing surgery - a decision my sisters and I are at peace with. From my upcoming surgery on April 3, 2024, it will be 11 years and 5 days since...

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Christian Grieco


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