Case Studies

Kazien is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement”. Kazien is an essential feature of the Three Dimensional Business Model through evaluation, decision and action in repetitive fashion. This is how organizations learn, grow, and achieve their mission and vision.


Organizational Alignment and Employee Engagement



  • The executive leader, not technical himself, found the technical team resisting change with no clarity on how to address the problem
    • The leader desired:
      • An outside perspective to assess the technical organization
      • A strategy to address the situation and someone to drive paradigm shifting execution


  • Engage people at all levels from leadership to individual contributor to gain insight from all perspectives
  • Aggregate findings looking for recurring themes and underlying currents exposing gaps
  • Brief executive team on findings, strategy, and recommendations
  • Execute on strategy


  • Prioritization of Initiatives led by management and staff to focus on initiatives aligned with organization’s strategic plan
  • Progress on those initiatives despite previous efforts in projects failing
  • Staff engagement scores increased across seven of the eight management teams

To dive into more specifics about the situation, action, and results,

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