And what is it that you do?

January 12, 2022

These past few years have been an interesting journey. There is so much I have learned with a good amount I have not gotten right. I guess that is what learning is, becoming aware there is a better way and figuring out that better way. I imagine it is like never exactly being on course as you fly to your destination. I’ve heard that airplanes are never on course at cruising altitude. A plane is always off course, constantly adjusting to get back on course. Just like an airplane, my business has been needing constant adjustment. Some people in my network have been kind enough to strike me right between my eyes, sharing that they are unsure what it is, exactly, I do. They were trying to help me. And I appreciate that. Being a self-employed professional, if I am not clear about who I serve, I will ultimately benefit no one. I guess I was being vague because of a desire to help so many different professionals in so many different situations. The result is not being able to help anyone.

The Aha Moment

Since late summer, I have targeted not-for-profit executive leaders in my networking to offer in-kind service. The honor and privilege of supporting executives in the not-for-profit space have had a surprising result over the past few months. The surprise is the value 75% of the executives saw in providing value to them as a coach. I expected to be of value as a consultant within their business, not working with executive leaders one-on-one as a coach. The coaching engagements were exhilarating. Time stopped as my attention became focused on being present, listening, engaging, supporting, and challenging the executive leaders during the sessions. The market has offered direct feedback.

Because of this, I wanted to let you know what I do.

I teach strong leaders how to consistently connect with their best selves to achieve excellence in themselves and those they serve. If you were unclear about what I did, I trust this helps clarify. The homepage on my website houses video testimonials from the executive leaders I have had the honor to serve over the past few months. There will be a total of 6 testimonials soon. You can see them here if you wish, Please consider connecting me with leaders in your network who want to achieve more than they have been, personally or professionally. Especially if you think or know, they are open to thinking differently. Last but certainly not least, please let me know how I can help you.

Christian Grieco


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