At Optimus One LLC, we work with leaders who prioritize personal growth and care deeply about their team’s effectiveness in service to each other and their customers. With betterment and intrapreneurship being our main focus, we exist to support and guide frustrated leaders through the process of aligning their organization with balance and motivation that regularly produces meaningful results.

Christian Grieco launched Optimus One, LLC in 2004 after several of his previous information technology consultancy clients reached out to him for help. They were dissatisfied with the support they were receiving since another company acquired the consultancy. Christian used his evenings, weekends, and even his personal vacation time from his then-employer, Time Warner Cable, to support half a dozen of his previous clients. It was Christian’s proactive and client-centric attitude that brought these previous clients back to him.

Optimus is a Latin term that translates to “best”, and the purpose of Optimus One, LLC is to provide the best possible services to organizations in need so that they, in turn, can be the best at what they do.

As of 2021, Christian operates Optimus One, LLC full-time and feels that this is where he was always meant to be.

At Optimus One, LLC, we have one overarching vision.

Our vision is human enterprise becoming a regenerative force on our planet.

We aim to support businesses create all the following value in pursuit of their mission and vision:

  • Financial
  • Manufactured
  • Intellectual
  • Social & Relationship
  • Natural (Eco-conscious)

We remain patient in achieving our vision. We are dedicated to maximizing value with clients by meeting them where they are and working with them to realize their value creation vision.

Optimus One, LLC seeks to guide for-profit enterprises  of 50 or more staff and not for profit oganizationas of all sizes, in transforming from persistent problems into opportunities to grow past where they are stuck.

Our mission is to be of service to our clients to help them visualize, articulate and manifest an evolution in their business consciousness.

One that accelerates our customers ability to engage social, environmental and economic challenges as opportunities to enhance their processes and improve their business outcomes.

It is through this focus that sustainability can reverberate though business relationships that go beyond the direct connection our firm has with our clients.

By focusing on multi dimensional outcomes that ensure profitability while leveraging social and environmental benefits as an integrated whole, our clients become positioned to compete and thrive while cooperating with internal and external stakeholders as well as with nature. 

Our strategy is best suited for those who believe that holistic collaboration is an integral part of building, operating, and maintaining a thriving organization.

  • We begin by identifying your vision and aligning leadership teams and their staff by forging a self-created mission.
  • Clarify the connection between leadership and staff by aligning their vision and purpose to decrease friction and resistance.
  • Allow for continuous improvement through evaluation, decisions, engagement, action, and assessment.
  • Move toward the achievement of all the organization’s value they want to create.

This strategy takes much from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Our method includes:

  • A growth mindset
  • Prioritizing what matters most
  • Beginning with the end goal in mind
  • Being proactive
  • Cutting-edge awareness and execution in leadership and culture
  • Evaluation, decision, and action in repeated fashion
All of these elements are equally important and work in tandem to achieve the organization’s vision.

The real magic happens when leadership’s mindset shifts. The rest of the organization’s mindset can then also shift. Problems then appear as opportunities with a path to improvement.


Founder & CEO, Companies Vs Climate Change
“I have been privileged to have Christian Grieco as a colleague in our corporate sustainability consulting firm, Companies Vs Climate Change, since it’s inception at the start of the pandemic. He is a highly intelligent professional who combines top level IT knowledge and expertise and integrates it with the ability to help direct the sustainability and stakeholder engagement goals and needs of clients. Christian is an exceptional teammate and a genuinely nice person to work with. If you ever have the need and opportunity to work with him, I give my highest recommendation that you do it.”
Director, NERIC at the Capital Region BOCES
“Christian made great efforts to introduce his teams to project management fundamentals in order to better organize their work. In doing this, he was able to make progress towards building better communication between our internal and external teams. Christian also spent significant time introducing his teams to the work and training of people like the organizational guru, David Allen, and the management expertise of Stephen Covey and Peter Drucker to name just a few. I truly believe that Christian always pushed in these directions out of concern for the best interest of his teams, and he genuinely wanted to motivate them to be better employees”
Sr. Director of Sales Operations, Spectrum Enterprise
“Christian works very hard and does what it takes to get the job done; he is determined to do the right thing; he is very smart and witty, with an excellent sense of humor; he is passionate about the things he believes in and yet never seems to presume his beliefs outweigh those of his fellow humans; he listens thoughtfully and truly looks for the win/win without compromising his principles (something to be treasured). Christian is one of those rare individuals who is at the same time very loyal and yet does not compromise his core beliefs – something he is able to accomplish because he is persistent, persuasive and desires to grow”.
Chief Information Security Officer, New York Power Authority
“Christian is an expert in looking at complex issues and explaining (to technical and non-technical folks) the solutions that could be implemented. This may sound like an everyday skill, but it most definitely is not! Christian had to deal with ever moving project goals, and he handled this with grace and a calm manner. I cannot recommend Christian highly enough!”
Albany Division Director, Time Warner Cable Business Class
“Christian was an absolutely integral part of the Business Class team at Time Warner Cable. He single handedly supported the sales team in creating solutions for customers and working internal resources to project manage the entire project. Much of this was outside his scope of work, but paramount to our success. His superior attention to detail and communications skills enabled him to perform these tasks masterfully.”