Rebuild & Improve Small Business Strategy

“A problem not fully understood is unsolvable, and a problem that is fully understood is half solved.”

-Charles Kettering

You have found yourself in just the right place if you:

  • Are a leader who is frustrated with your team’s performance
  • Have tried different methods and nothing has worked
  • Know that there must be a better way
    You Are In Just the Right Place if You Believe...

    Who We Are

    Optimus One, LLC is a management consultancy firm that focuses on transforming beliefs into actionable strategies using mindset, leadership, technology and adding the force for good to your business model to create sustainable and longstanding success.

    While many corporations focus on each component of their business individually, the key is to integrate each piece to form a cohesive strategy to create and maintain a sustainable business.

    You Are In Just the Right Place if You Believe...

    Our mission is to empower businesses, create leadership development, and help you take effective action using a three-step method:

    • Evaluation
    • Decision
    • Action

    Following this protocol continuously will empower leaders and company decision-makers, allowing them to find avenues for continuous improvement and optimal growth.

    Philosophy on



    Bringing your company’s vision and mission to life



    Moving beyond resistance before it turns into complacency



    Eliminating technology obstacles and challenges


    Being a Force for Good

    Remaining profitable by going beyond it


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